starting at $150 - BOOK A SESSION NOW!


  • families
  • newborns
  • kids (any age)
  • teens/seniors
  • models
  • adults/ couples
  • pets too!


i take the pics and give them all to you including the rights. so you can print and share them as much as you want. you own them!


wear whatever makes you comfortable just NO huge brand logos or distracting designs that take the focus off you. for families solids work best as long as everyone is pretty much in the same color scheme you should be fine, try to stay away from stripes and any other geometric designs


poses, wardrobe changes are unlimited so yea... have fun with that!


I'm a natural light photographer so if your session is outdoors then anytime within 2 hours of sunset is ideal for sunny days, for cloudy overcast anytime is great as these days are best because the daylight is evenly lit

if your session is indoors then anytime is great during the day as long as there is enough natural light available


I'm equipped to shoot in all weather conditions including light rain and snow... if your down for that!!


any location you choose in richmond and/or surrounding areas. if u have no idea which location then i can help choose. multiple locations can also be chosen as well at no extra charge as long as its within 25 miles of the city of richmond. i also do in-home shoots with studio lighting if you choose too. 

newborn shoots of course are always indoors at home close to mommy.


i don't charge for time so its really up to you. (typical times vary between 45 minutes up to 2 hours)


24 - 72 hours after your session your images will be ready to view on your own personal online gallery site (password protected if u wish). the number of images depends on how long your session is but typically 15 - 150 images can be produced from a single session that you can download in full resolution from your gallery 


you can pay the day of your session or when your images are ready to be viewed online and your ready to download them. i accept multiple forms of payment in person or online  including cash, credit/debit, cash app, venmo, paypal, as well as apple pay (no checks)

for the simplest way to pay i prefer cash app


if for whatever you don't like your pics and/or experience but have not downloaded your images yet then yes.. of course you can get a full refund. however... if you have downloaded any or all your images then no I'm sorry